Communication Counseling

The one thing all couples have in mind when they consider therapy is communication, communication, communication! Sometimes couples aren’t really sure where to start. They feel stuck or have a hard time articulating what is on their mind. Often this leads to them talking past each other to try and get their point across. This can lead to confusion, disappointment, arguments, misunderstandings, and missed opportunities for understanding and connection.

Most people never learn how to effectively communicate in loving ways to their partner and are simply doing the best they can. By learning new communication skills, you and your partner will be able to establish and preserve a respectful, understanding, and supportive relationship between two people who care about each other.

Derek and Jenna are an excellent example of a very typical couple. They came to improve some of the common miscommunications they were having. Derek thought he was doing a great job of communicating, and he was frustrated when Jenna didn’t seem to understand where he was coming from. Jenna desperately wanted Derek to support her, but she didn’t feel loved or supported. They were doing a lot of talking with no positive results. In fact, things were getting worse as both became more frustrated and desensitized to each other.

As I evaluated their relationship dynamic and communication styles, we were able to discover what was happening to them as individuals, the effect it was having on their relationship, and most importantly what they could do differently to resolve the problem. With easy-to-understand solutions, each was able to become better communicators without having to change who they were. Today this couple is more patient, kind, and loving with each other. Like many couples, they wished they hadn’t waited as long to make their first appointment!

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