Conflict Management Counseling

Conflict Can Be Scary

Everyone experiences conflict in relationships. That is normal and even healthy. However, prolonged or rapid occurrences of unresolved conflict often develop into feelings of persistent anger, resentment, blame, and hyper-defensiveness. Left unaddressed, these feelings can quickly deteriorate the intimacy in a relationship.

Discussing sensitive topics that are the cause of conflict is often very scary, especially if you don’t know where to start. The reality is that leaving conflict unresolved will almost certainly deepen the wounds and cause more pain. I understand how you feel and you are not alone. I can help you with easy to understand, time-tested strategies that will improve your relationship and bring you closer together.

Don’t wait until there is no hope or desire for happiness with your partner. Effective communication does not have to be scary. It is not too late to have increased love and peace in your life. It is likely that is what you BOTH want.

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