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Do you want to have a better, more fulfilling sex life, but you aren’t sure where to start? If you are like most couples, embarrassment, communication, and fear of judgment are common intimacy issues and get in the way of wants and desires. It’s very common for partners to have different sex drives, different ideas about quality and quantity of sex, and differing ideas about what is pleasurable and exciting. I offer a judgement-free space to help couples dialogue about their wants and desires to find solutions.

In my experience,  sex education and pleasure education leave much to be desired. The general public receives a lot of misinformation, myths, marketing messages meant to sell items, not necessarily increase pleasure, and visual images from porn that are scripted and acted rather than authentic. I counsel couples in creating realistic expectations for their relationship and sex life. All relationships and situations are different, and I structure my counseling sessions to find specific solutions for each couple’s needs.

Typical Areas of Education and Treatment for Intimacy Issues

  • Increasing comfort, pleasure, and eroticism
  • Desire for sex
  • Dimensions of touch
  • Defining the couple’s sexual style
  • Non-demand pleasure
  • Pain during sex and/or intercourse
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Non-orgasmic response
  • Maintaining sexual desire
  • Anxiety about sex
  • Conflicting sexual desires between partners

I truly enjoy helping couples experience a more fulfilling and enriching sex life.  So if you are having trouble with any of these areas, please feel free to reach out to me. One of the first steps in moving your relationship forward is to get in contact today and start the process of achieving a more fulfilling sex life. Now is the time to feel good about yourself, your body and your pleasure.

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