Relationship Makeover Counseling

Are you tired of hurting? Do you want to get things back on track ASAP? Are you tired of coming to weekly sessions only to have the session end before you get things resolved?

Healing a relationship may take more than a weekly session of couples counseling. The relationship makeover is 1, 2 or 3 days of consecutive therapy for your relationship. Research has shown that couples in distress respond best to this longer method of treatment better than the traditional weekly style of therapy. Have you ever been in couple’s therapy and felt like you were just getting started when the session time has already come to a close? That can leave the couple feeling vulnerable for a week or more until their next appointment, and who knows what can go wrong between sessions for couples that are just starting to find their way. The relationship makeover alleviates this by spending extended time to address the issues and provide a user-friendly roadmap to relationship success.

The Relationship Makeover includes:

  • A comprehensive review of the relationship questionnaire complete prior to the makeover.
  • E therapy/Sky Consultation to find out if this is the right modality for you prior to your arrival.
  • 3-6 hours of intensive therapy per day depending on the couple’s needs.
  • Take home tools, exercises, and supports.
  • Intensives conclude with a plan that may involve follow-up visits, e-therapy/Skype sessions, or referral to an appropriate local therapist.

Brady Counseling Solutions is happy to discuss your specific situation and needs through consultation. This is a flexible format, and couples have time during the makeover to have a break, discuss topics privately, without a therapist in the room and/or for individual sessions if needed.

Out of town? Please feel free to request a packet of local lodging, dining, and entertainment/attraction options.